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Giru - mini cycle tour (or 24hr adventure!)

Date: 2 - 3 September, 2017

Destination: Giru ​

Our last overnight cycle touring trip up Hervey Range was so much fun we are doing another one before the summer comes along and it's too hot! We love these overnight cycle touring trips because we get to use our gear, spend a night away camping and have a weekend of riding our bikes!

This time we are heading for Giru, which is a bit further away than Hervey Range, but doesn't have any big climbs to test us out. It's 54kms to Giru down the Bruce Highway, or 76kms if you take the longer route via Woodstock. We prefer to ride more kilometres on quieter roads and will be doing the 76km version, but it's totally up to you which route you take!

As with all our trips, this ride is totally unsupported. You get to carry all your own gear, food and water. Some people like to go as lightweight and minimal as possible, others like a few more comforts at the end of day. It's your choice and your responsibility.

If you want to come along, or aren't sure and have some questions, let us know.

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