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Protecting your bike from rust

Visiting Magnetic Island means a 20 minute ferry trip from Townsville, lots of relaxing beach time...and a salty film on bicycles that inevitably causes rust to develop on spokes, rims, seat posts, anywhere that is left unprotected.

We took our Vivente bikes over to the island for the weekend with a couple of Ortlieb panniers carrying our small amount of luggage. It doesn't cost any extra to take your bike on the ferry with you. There are no special preparations required, just wheel it on!

Coastal environments are harsh on bikes, which is why we recommend protecting your bike with a lanolin spray or other rust protectant. You can buy ACF 50 (google to find out more), which is a fantastic product with a great price tag to match. If you're after something cheaper, lanolin spray does the trick for us.

We gave our bikes the lanolin treatment before we left for the island, and they got a wash when we got back to make sure the slightly sticky spray and salt were cleaned off.

If you live anywhere near the ocean, or are planning on a beachside holiday, consider giving your bike some preventative maintenance and save yourself some time and money in the future!

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