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Packing a Brompton for travelling

Looking for a way to take a Brompton folding bike on a plane?

One of our customers did just that recently using a cheap and lightweight method. All you need is access to an Ikea store, a hardware store and some rubber bands!

Air travel within Australia usually requires bikes to be fully boxed up, meaning the pedals and handlebars have to be removed to go in the box. This then requires some fussing around to get the bike back together at the other end.

Bromptons are so compact when they fold they don't require any disassembly and reassembly, just fold and fly, unfold and ride!

North Queensland doesn't have an Ikea store, but we had read about Ikea Dimpa bags that some people were using to take bikes on the plane. Kelcey picked up a Dimpa bag on a trip to Sydney and decided to test it out on her next trip to Canberra.

Using some insulation foam from the hardware store and rubber bands, all the sensitive points were give some extra protection.

The bag was then zipped up and checked in at the airport as luggage!

Using this method, Kelcey was free to unfold the bike at the other end of the flight and ride away from the airport!

Just one of the many reasons we love Bromptons...

Thank you to Kelcey and Reg for providing us with some local firsthand experience of Brompton packing and for the photos!

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