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Our special order Camelbak Podium 0.7L bottles complete with The Bicycle Pedlar logo has arrived! Camelbak bottles are BPA, BPS and BPF free and have an easy clean top to make sure your drink has the opportunity to stay germ free.

We first bought Camelbak bottles a few years ago after cycle touring for eight weeks with bottles that dripped all over us when we took a sip, were difficult to get a good drink out of while riding, and didn't clean up very well.

Five years later, those same bottles continue to have regular use and they are still going strong. It might be time for a change now though...

We have these same bottles in various colours and designs for $18 or two for $30. The Podium Big Chill version is $25 or two for $40.

From now until Christmas 2017, you can buy the best version of the bottle (the one with our logo on it of course) for only $12 each! Buy a few and give them as gifts to your friends and family...we don't mind!

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