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Brompton travels

We recently shared an article about packing a Brompton for travelling, which detailed how Kelcey used an Ikea Dimpa bag and was able to check it on the plane as luggage.

Well, here's Kelcey's email to us, which describes beautifully how a bicycle can be so much more than just a method of transport or sporting tool...

...Just wanted to mention that, apart from the convenience, cost saving and fitness benefits of cycle commuting, I found the Brompton broke down social barriers - even without words.

At a recent national nursing conference in Brisbane, I arrived on my Brompton, having unfolded it at the airport, attached my backpack to the carrier and wheeled it onto the Airport train. Arriving in the City Centre I rode the cycle paths and footpaths to the conference, wheeling it in to the elevator then stashing it in a corner during the conference. Many people asked me about it during refreshment breaks. By the end of the conference I had an efficient and graceful folding and unfolding routine, as I was repeatedly ask to demonstrate. At a national nurses conference, the Brompton stimulated lot of discussions regarding the proven health benefits, both mental and physical of regular cycle commuting.

At the airport, as I rearranged my pack back and prepared and packed the Brompton for the flight home, an elderly Chinese woman stepped away from her organised tour group to silently observe me, smiling and nodding as I performed each step of the routine. With the Brompton padded and secured, I picked up my bike bag to proceed to check-in. I flashed my attentive new friend my best smile and thumbs up gesture. She seemed confused for a few seconds, then beamed back at me and returned the thumbs up gesture. It was one of those lovely, non-verbal cross cultural interchanges that still makes me smile whenever I think about it.

Who was it who said,

“The bicycle is a simple answer to some of the world’s most complex problems”?

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