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Mingela Hotel - First Cycle Touring Trip for 2018

(Photo above - definitely not the Flinder's Highway - pathway in Victoria during

our 2013 trip)

We have set the date for our first cycle touring trip for the year and we're heading to Mingela!

After talk of Jen heading out west for a few days to go cycle touring, reminiscent of her last trip in September 2016, we have picked a weekend and a location to get her going. This time it includes showers, toilets and a pub! What more could you want?

When a cycle tourist told us recently that he had stopped at Mingela Hotel for a meal on a Monday night (of all nights), we got excited! Cycle tourists everywhere will know the joy of coming across somewhere to buy a good meal in the middle of nowhere. Mingela isn't exactly in the middle of nowhere...but it can feel like it when you're riding a bicycle loaded with touring gear. Mingela is about 85kms from Townsville city, enough to really enjoy that pub meal and a beer or two at the end of the day!

A phone call to Mingela Hotel confirmed they are now open 7 days a week, including public holidays, from 10am. Cycle tourists carrying their own gear can camp on the pub grounds for $10 per person.

So, Saturday 10 March it is! This trip will be a good excuse to get the bicycle touring gear out, break off any summer rust from the legs and test out the Mingela Hotel experience. We will be riding back to Townsville the next day, with a coffee/breakfast stop at the Calcium roadhouse.

We won't be leaving until around midday because The Bicycle Pedlar will be open for the morning, but you can leave at whatever time suits you. As always, our rides require you to be completely self-sufficient and you are totally responsible for your own gear and safety.

If you're interested in joining us for this weekend trip, come in and and see us. We will be phoning Mingela Hotel on Friday 2 March to let them know numbers. If you have any questions about the camping facilities or meals at the pub, feel free to give Mingela Hotel a call on 4770 3106.

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