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Cleaning Ortlieb panniers

Ortlieb panniers are made to last. They are waterproof and very durable. They cart our gear around on the bike and become an essential part of our bicycle travel and commuting. Like anything we use regularly, panniers tend to get grotty. They are usually out in all sorts of weather and get pushed against trees, poles and dirty walls. Panniers can end up spotted with food, bird poo, mud or grease, which means that every now and again you might just get the urge the give those panniers a good clean.

Well, we had a cycle touring visitor this week who left us with a set of Ortlieb panniers that he decided to clean...

See that green duct tape? Well that was used to cover up the big holes that developed from the agitator in a washing machine. We have to give full marks to duct tape; it made the distance from Cairns to Townsville! Sadly for the owner, he found that a washing machine is probably not the best way to clean Ortlieb panniers and bought a new set while he was in town.

If you need to clean Ortlieb panniers, soapy water and gentle scrub will generally do the trick if a hose down doesn't work. The Ortlieb Classics have material that is easy to wipe down, but the Hi-Vis or Plus material might do better with a soft scrubbing brush.

To clean the inside of the panniers, pour in a little soapy water and get to work!

Feel free to try your washing machine (it's good for our business), but we don't recommend it.

Have you ever tried to clean your Ortlieb panniers?


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