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Mingela overnight - next weekend!

In case you're wondering, our overnight trip to Mingela is still going ahead next Saturday 10 March, despite the recent wonderful wet season rain we have been having. Unless it is POURING with heavy tropical rain with absolutely no hope of it easing next Saturday or Sunday, the trip will go ahead. Jen is continuing on to Mount Isa and needs to be there by the next weekend, so, barring serious flooding, this trip will be happening.

Keep an eye on our website and facebook if you're unsure. Or, just phone us up on the day.

We will be phoning Mingela Hotel tomorrow (Saturday 3 March) to book in for dinner and let them know how many of us will be camping out there. Please let us know by close of business today (or first thing tomorrow morning) if you are going to come along, or if you are no longer able to participate.

It only costs $10 per person to camp in the Mingela Hotel campground and we hear the food at the hotel is good tucker, so you don't even have to cook! The next morning we will leave earlyish in the morning and stop at Calcium roadhouse for breakfast.

We will be closing the shop early on Saturday, and will be leaving at 12pm. You are very welcome to meet us at the shop to ride out to Mingela, or you can pick your own time and we will meet you there.

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