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Easter Adventure Cycling trip - confirmed

Our route has been decided! Next weekend we are heading off for an Easter adventure cycling trip! We leave on Good Friday, 30 March at 6am and will return sometime on Sunday 2 April, 2018! Are you coming?

First up is the Flinder's Highway, out towards Reid River, after which we will turn left onto a dirt road and head out for a bit of a mystery tour to Ravenswood. Nothing like adding in some unknown and unnamed roads to increase the adventure level!

At Ravenswood we will camp at the showgrounds, which have toilet and shower facilities. The showgrounds are a nice camping location to spend the evening cooking dinner on the Trangia (or your cook stove of choice) and (most likely) drinking some wine!

On Saturday we will take the back road from Ravenswood, through Clare, and to Giru where we will camp out in the free camp area. Again, we will enjoy cooking outdoors using our Trangia, in classic cycle touring style.

On Easter Sunday we will head back to Townsville via Woodstock and return on the Flinder's Highway.

You only have a handful of days left to get your tent and cooking gear out and think about what else you might need to bring along for the weekend!

As always, this trip is totally unsupported and you are fully responsible for your own safety and wellbeing.

Let us know if you're planning on coming along with us. We like to talk about these trips with you (particularly if you're new to them) to make sure the full nature of the ride meets your expectations and does not exceed your limitations.

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