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6 weeks to go! And a Rohloff addition...

In six weeks time, we are going to be packed up and ready to set off on our six week cycle tour around Queensland!

To this end, we are busy getting our Salsa Powderkeg tandem bicycle ready to go. It has been fitted out with a Rohloff hub, which you can read about here in our latest blog post, as well as frame bags to carry water and other features you are sure to hear about over the coming months!

If you're planning on ordering a bike, or coming in to get some accessories or bike repair work done, make sure to visit soon.

Our last day of trade will be Friday 17 August, 2018 and we will open again on Tuesday 2 October, 2018.

During our trip we will keep our blog updated, so feel free to sign up to email updates over at for exciting (hopefully!) tales of our adventure!

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