Here's our price guide. We offer a lot more than what is listed below, so feel free to ask if you can't see what you're after. It can be tricky to tell just what will need to be done over the phone, so we don't give concrete prices until we have seen your bike in all it's glory.

Minimum workshop charge

So your bike has something going on and you think it might just be a problem with the thingamebobby or the hoositwatsit. You bring it into the shop, the mechanic twiggles a few things and...voila! The problem has been fixed and it only took the bike shop guy a few minutes. We charge a $10 minimum because those twiggles have been learnt over years of experience and skill development. That's why you brought your bike in right? Otherwise you would have done it yourself.


Base price for general service

How much for a service? Well, how much love does your bike need? We start at $50 for a basic service (plus parts), which may be all you need if you get your bike serviced regularly and look after it in-between. If you ride your bike to work everyday and are lucky to book it in once a year, you probably know it's going to cost more because things do eventually wear out on a bike. We will ask you to bring your bike in so we can look at it and will let you know how much it's going to cost before going ahead. If you have ever had your bike serviced, you will know how wonderful it feels to ride afterwards!

From $50.00

Puncture repair including new tube

Perfect for when you just can't be bothered, don't know how or happened to be riding past when you got a flat!

$20.00. More for Thornproof or own tubes

Wheel true

If you have a broken spoke, the wheel gets wobbly. A wheel true involves replacing the broken spokes (spokes cost extra) and making sure the wheel rolls straight!

From $30

Wheel build

So you have your heart set on that particular rim and spokes? Or you want to get your bike set up with a dynamo hub so you can have self-powered lights? Keep in mind that if you have special requirements for your wheel, there might be an extra labour charge to cover the extra time.

from $135

Supply & fit gear cable

Gears need adjusting from time to time. Sometimes the cable needs replacing because it's worn out, or it has a kink in it that just won't let the gears 'do their thang'. 

From $30.00

Supply & fit brake cable

Brakes...yeah, pretty important!

From $25.00

Fit brake pads

And again...important.

From $20.00

Hydraulic brake bleed

Bikes with hydraulic disc brakes sometimes need 'bleeding' to rid of the air in the line that stops them working properly. 

From $35.00 per end

Clean disc rotor and pads

You know that horrible squealing sound your disc brakes have started making? That might be because they have been contaminated with something that shouldn't never have been near the disc rotor and needs to be cleaned off.

From $15.00 per end

Fit rear rack

Racks can be tricky to fit, we know because we do a lot of them! As Mick says, a so-called 'universal rack is one that 'universally doesn't fit any bike!' There are always adjustments to be made to get the rack to fit and sit securely. 

From $30.00

Fit baby seat

We don't want to play on your parental guilt, but unless you're real handy, setting up the baby seat yourself can be downright dangerous. If you buy the baby seat from us, we fit it for $20.

From $50

Fit and set-up computer

Setting up a bicycle computer is one of those jobs you sometimes just want someone else to do!

From $20

Quote for repairs, insurance

We happily do quotes for repair or insurance purposes, and, if you get the work done within the next month we take the $40 off the bill!


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